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Getting your Ticket Dismissed

After entering your ticket and vehicle information, our system will go to work, checking your entries for reasons that your ticket should be dismissed. Our team of consultants with more than 60 years of combined parking ticket experience are working for you.

When we have finished checking your ticket, we will create a confidential, personalized Dismissal Letter.

You will be notified by email when your Dismissal Letter is ready. Simply follow the instructions in the email to print your letter and mail it to the City.

Your Dismissal Letter will be reviewed by the City and you will receive a ruling within several weeks as to the outcome. If you are found Not Guilty, congratulations! This means you owe the City nothing and are no longer liable for your ticket.

However, should you be found liable, you NO LONGER have to pay the ticket as long as you file an appeal of the guilty decision in less than 30 calendar days.

That means, filing the timely appeal is required if you do not wish to pay the ticket but prefer that you receive a second hearing, on the merits, with the appeals board.

Should you be found not liable on the appeal level, your ticket has been dismissed.

Should you be found liable on the appeal round, the ticket is upheld and must be paid within 30 calendar days.

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