Media Coverage has consistently been in the news since launching in October 2001 as the first website in the world to fight parking tickets online. The credibility and integrity we have earned gives us leverage when assisting you in getting a fair shake with the Cities.

Below you will find a few of the many media pieces focused on Feel free to read them and learn more about where we came from and where we are going.

Publication Title PDF Video
First Department
New York State Supreme Court
December 5 2018 v The City of New York - NYS Index Number 101637-2015
Exceptional People Magazine Minding My Business: The Parking Ticket Problem Solver
New York Post Sandy brings parking ticket holiday in lower Manhattan
CBS New York "NYC DOT Clarifying Muni-Meter Parking Rules"
WABC Eyewitness News "Bill proposed for NYC Muni Meter parking"
New York Post "Cheater meter readers"
MSNBC "Cash-Strapped Cities Pile on the Parking Fines"
News Release "iPhone Users Join the Fight Against Parking Tickets"
Brooklyn Eagle "Expert Tells Public How To Fight Parking Tickets"
Bergen Record "Try to beat N.Y.C. meters and you might regret it" View as PDF
Boston Globe "Violation"
NY1 "Internet Company Says it Will Help you Fight Your Parking Tickets" Watch Video
NBC 7, Boston "Ticket Troubles" Watch Video
MSN " Finds Cities in Violation"
San Francisco Chronicle "Internet Company Contests Parking Tickets for Individuals, Corporations"
CNet " Finds Cities in Violation"
Forbes Magazine "Forbes Entrepreneur of the Month: Get Your Tickets Fixed"
New York Sun "Got a Ticket? Who're You Going to Call?"
NBC Detroit "Ruth to the Rescue Discovers Parking Ticket Web Site"
CBS 2, New York "A Way Out of Paying Those Pricey Parking Tickets" Watch Video
NBC 4, New York "Ticket Technology" Watch Video
KOMO TV "The Legal Way to Beat That Ticket"
CNN Headline News Watch Video
CNNfn Flipside Watch Video
CNNfn Dolan's Unscripted Watch Video
Tech TV techlive: "Fight your Ticket" Watch Video
CBS 3, Philadelphia 3 On Your Side: "Beat That Ticket!" Watch Video
NBC 4, D.C. "The Ticket Terminator" Watch Video
9 Eyewitness News D.C. D.C. Parking Tickets Watch Video
McLaughlin Group D.C. Parking Tickets Watch Video
USA Today "Cities Get Lift from Parking Fines"
N.Y. Daily News "Beatin' City Hall"
CNN "Beware the Boot" Watch Video
Washington Post "A New Recruit in the Parking Ticket Wars"
Bergen Record "Introducing the parking ticket dial-a-shredder"
WB 11 "Ticket Fix" Watch Video
UPN 9 "That's The Ticket" Watch Video
NY1 "Fight Tickets By Phone" Watch Video
CBS NY "Fighting City Hall" Watch Video
ABC NY Announcing By Phone Watch Video
FOX 5 NY Announcing By Phone Watch Video
Los Angeles Times "Firm Driving Away Parking Violators' Holiday" View as PDF
New York Daily News "Gift is a fix for your tix" View as PDF
New York Newsday "On the Web" View as PDF
Canarsie Courier "City Parking Fines, Tow Fees Increase Oct. 1st" View as PDF
New York Post "Soaring Fines To Drive Us Insane" View as PDF
Bergen Record "N.Y.C. Parking Violations Soon to Cost You a Lot More" View as PDF
ABC News "A Web Site For Parking Ticket Help" View as PDF
San Francisco Examiner "Metering Out Justice" View as PDF
Bergen Record "Selling a System to Beat the System" View as PDF

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