Kick Start Your New Year Off Right!

It’s the New Year but instead of giving you a well-deserved break the city may just give you a ticket!

The good news is that has a WorryFree Parking Plan™ to help you!!

Now, that’s the kind of New Year we’re talking about!!!

Easy as 1-2-3...

Tell us about your ticket
Our simple online system allows you to tell YOUR side of the story.

Pick your plan
Individual, family, business.....we've got you covered.

Get your ticket dismissed!
We'll prepare the documents and/or instructions needed with guaranteed results.

Got a ticket?
Start now!


Nationwide Service

No matter where in the United States you received your ticket, we've got you covered. You're never alone when you've got our experience and expertise on your side!
Point and Click
Don't let worries about having to learn a new computer system deter you. Our system was developed with simplicity in mind as it directs you through the easy-to-navigate process.
Free Ticket Check™
Simply complete our questionnaire and we will perform a detailed analysis of your parking ticket at no charge to determine if there are grounds to request a dismissal. No worries!

Traffic Violations
What if I have a moving violation, not a parking ticket? Our service connects you with attorneys in your area that are experienced in the particular area of law, so that you have the best opportunity for success.
Saved Activity
You start filling in your ticket information then get called away. No worries. The information you began entering will be saved and you can pick up where you left off when you come back.
Peace of Mind
If your car was towed due to parking tickets, we can help. We offer the paperwork you need to fight your tickets and then work to help you get the money back that you paid for your tow fees.

Legal Disclosure is not a law firm and does not provide legal counsel. Should you desire or need legal counsel please contact an attorney.

Don't take our word for it...

Just received my Decision and Order letter back from the dept of finance. They dismissed the fine!!!!! You guys are great!!
- Mark F. (New York, NY) featured on ABC News featured in The Boston Globe featured on CBS News New York featured on CNet featured on CNN featured in Forbes Magazine featured on Fox 5 New York featured in The Los Angeles Times featured on NBC featured on NPR featured on NY1 featured in The New York Daily News featured in The New York Post featured in The New York Times featured in The San Francisco Examiner featured in USA Today featured in The Washington Post

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