Choose the Plan that Fits

Never worry about a ticket again with a Worry-Free Parking™ Membership.  Or choose to pay as you go with our Pay-Per-Ticket option.  The choice is yours. Remember, we guarantee our service so you can truly be worry-free.



Unlimited tickets

on 1 vehicle



Unlimited tickets

up to 4 vehicles



Unlimited vehicles

10 parking tickets

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You may also choose the Pay-Per-Ticket option, where you pay as you go.

Common Questions

Is my City/State covered by your services?
Yes! We are currently offering services across the entire U.S.A.

Is it legal to fight a ticket?
It is absolutely 100% legal to fight a ticket.

What if I have a moving violation, not a parking ticket?
Our service connects you with attorneys in your area that are experienced in the particular area of law, so that you have the best opportunity for success.

What if my ticket is not dismissed?
We offer a 100% guarantee on our Worry-Free Parking™ Membership. Please click here to read our guarantee!

Can I fight tickets on other vehicles besides my own?
Our Worry-Free Parking™ memberships let you fight multiple tickets on multiple vehicles based upon the plan you select. Have a child that is off at college and is racking up parking tickets? You can cover them as well. Just find the plan that best fits your needs.

Is it a hassle to fight a parking ticket?
It's really very easy using the website, and our customers have greatly enjoyed the conveniences our system provides, often never having to set foot in court or even write a letter. Simply enter the information we ask from you and we will lead you through the process. It couldn't get any easier!
How it works?
Legal Disclosure is not a law firm and does not provide legal counsel. Should you desire or need legal counsel please contact an attorney.

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