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I would highly recommend, their service is very professional, the documentation they provide is very detailed, and drafted in a legal fashion specific to your situation. The service they offer is effective. This is the best and most effective opportunity you will ever have to beat your parking ticket, because its legal and within the limits of the law and the constitution. Use next time and every time you receive a ticket. - Steve S. (New York, NY)
My issue was resolved and I would recommend and its services. - Jack C. (New York, NY)
Thank you so much for all your help. I have really appreciated it, and I will recommend to all of my friends. - – Roberta M. (New York, NY)
Thanks! You are the best. Thanks for your help! I just used that instant credit for the new third ticket. - Jonathan B. (Scarsdale, NY)
Thank you so much for getting back to me it's so nice to hear from someone with a pleasant tone and to know somebody is working on my side. - Jaime M. (San Francisco, CA)
I would recommend I got my refund. - Pio P. (New York, NY)
I would recommend They answered my questions. - Anita J. (Brooklyn, NY)
I would recommend, they responded to my concerns and answered my questions in a timely manner. - Isak B. (Brooklyn, NY)
I would recommend Once again thank you for your help. - Hoshanng K. (Englewood, NJ)
You guys are just terrific! Thank you for all your assistance. The service you provide is invaluable. It seems to be impossible to obtain information from the government source so one is left in the proverbial telephone answering loop and completely frustrated. I sincerely appreciate your help. Thank you. - Sarah C. (New York, NY)
I have been letting people know that there is an alternative to paying -- get to beat the ticket! - Uclan F. (Brooklyn, NY)
I wanted to let you know that your Dismissal Letter did the Job! My Parking ticket has been satisfied!! Thank you very much! In exchange I will promote your business to all my drivers friends!!! Thank you for a Job well done!!! - Harris P. (New York, NY)
Thank you my ticket was dismissed. Best $$ I ever spent will use you every time! - Ed V. (New York, NY)
Just had to tell you that after weeks and weeks (you said to be patient) I got a letter today saying "Upon review of the entire record before us, we find error. The decision is reversed and the prior payment will be returned." I am overjoyed. You guys are the best! - Marty S. (Old Bridge, NJ)
The City of Boston just sent a letter dismissing the violation. Thanks for the help. - John D. (Brighton, MA)
My case was rather complicated, but went the extra mile in getting my summons dismissed. This is a company that really believes in service. Thank you so much! - Bill A (Jersey City, NJ)
I've received my refund and I just wanted to thank you. I would definitely use parking again. thanx. - William B. (Scarsdale, NY)
Thank you for helping me fight my ticket. I received dismissal letter, no amount due. Thanks a lot. - Arkady R. (North Brunswick, NJ)
Dear, my ticket has been dismissed. Thank you very much! - Tatiana K. (Dayton, NJ)
DEAR SIR, I would like to thank you all at, for support, help & guide for getting my ticket dismissed. I got message saying, hearing held verdict NOT GUILTY NO DUE. Thank you once again. - Shatrugan S. (West New York, NJ)
Thank you so much. I recently beat my ticket in Brooklyn New York. - Keith K. (Brooklyn, NY)
The ticket was dismissed. Thanks. - John L. (Whippany, NJ)
Ticket dismissed with no amount due-Thanks! - Alan R. (Brooklyn, NY)
I am delighted that with your help my ticket was dismissed. - Rona S. (Brooklyn, NY)
Thank you for helping me get my ticket dismissed. I have learned some things from your website. That info. is priceless. Thank you! - Joe M. (Flushing, NY)
Thank you all :) I will recomend you to everyone I know :) - Agnes S. (Parsippany, NJ)
I received a letter today informing that the the decision is reversed and the prior payement will be reversed. Thank you. - Akiva T. (Spring Valley, NY)
The City of Boston just sent a letter dismissing the violation. Thanks for the help. - John D. (Brighton, MA)
I would recommend - Lloyd V. (New York, NY)
I just want to say that I have read my letter which you have made for me and I think you guys are amazing. I am impressed. Thank you. - Robert A. (Brooklyn, NY)
Thank you very much for your prompt professional reply. Yours is a well needed service, especially in the 'City of Brotherly Love'. - Vic C. (Philadelphia, PA)
Thank you so much. I'm blown away by your response time. - Joseph L. (Bronx, NY)
Just wanted to say THANKS! Issue has been resolved and a very satisfied customer!! - Andrew Y. (Flushing, NY)
Thank you--Parking Ticket.Com, My ticket was dismissed within a month. You guys are the best! - Rusty D. (Queens, NY)
Just a heads up on the status of my parking ticket. It was dismissed, and I thank you so much. - Lynn J. (Bronx, NY)
Just wanted to thank you, my ticket was dismissed thanks to you. - Terry O. (Central Islip, NY)
Please be advised that I was refunded the $185 towing charges on the ticket. Thank you for your help and education. PS I will gladly refer your services to my friends - thx again. - Adam K. (Roslyn Heights, NY)
Thanks for taking care of this for me. I have to say that your customer service thus far has been wonderful. I really appreciate all your prompt help and responses. - Arline M. (Richmond Hill, NY)
I would recommend - Andy G. (Brooklyn, NY)
Thank you so much. Although my ticket was not dismissed, I was VERY happy with the service as it was fast and user-friendly. I will definitely use your services again (hopefully not in the near future) and I will recommend this service to all my friends. - Raymond R. (San Francisco, CA)
You guys are the best..Thanks to your expertise, I received a dismissal of my parking ticket..It was worth your fee. - Gerald F. (Greenwich, CT)
Thanks to you guys my ticket was dismissed!!!! - Priya S. (Glen Oaks, NY)
Thanks for your continued advice and support. We’ll fight until the end. Again, I really appreciate your experience and help. - Michael H. (Ipswich, MA)
I appreciate all your help. Thank you again! I have received wonderful advice and will suggest your company to all my friends. - Jesi B. (New York, NY)
My parking ticket was dismissed. Nice job. - Richard M. (New York, NY)
Thanks for your excellent and clear reply. I think you folks are doing a superb job and wish you much success. - Steven K. (Old Chatham, NY)
You were right! Our summons was dismissed as a result of the letter you wrote for us. Many many thanks. - Charles & Elaine K. (New York, NY)
Thank you. You guys are great. Printed my Dismissal Letter, making copies & sending it out. A satisfied customer. - Yvonne R. (Copaigue, NY)
Hi Gang, just got the letter "Decision & Order" Not Guilty. You guys are great. I will always remember you in the future. All my best. - Edward D. (Middle Village, NY)
My parking ticket was dismissed. Thanks!! - Chris C. (Kearny, NJ)
Wow. That was amazingly fast. Thank you! You guys are great! Two of our volunteers have gotten parking tickets. I'll take your site's advice and fight it! - New York City Rescue Mission (New York, NY)
Sirs: My ticket was dismissed! Thank you! - Matthew S. (Jersey City, NJ)
Well yeehaa and thank you for making sure I followed through with the final appeal, never thought I would see a dismissal from NYC, but there it was in the mail today. Remarkable!!! Printed my certificate and am very happy with your site, the support team, the letters, follow-through and of course the success of our efforts. - Teri S. (Cortland, NJ)
I would recommend - Cynthia H. (Flushing, NY)
Just recieved my Decision and Order letter back from the dept of finance. They dismissed the fine!!!!! You guys are great!! Thanks. - Mark F. (New York, NY)
Please be advised that I was refunded the $185 towing charges on the ticket that was dismissed. Thank you for your help and education. PS I will gladly refer your services to my friends - thx again. - Adam K. (Roslyn Heights, NY)
I am thrilled to report the ticket was dismissed..many thanks for your expert advice! - Renee F. (New Haven, CT)
You guys are the best! This is the first time I used your service and I am 100% pleased. You have earned your fee, and I will use your service in the future should the city again add orange to my car. - Anne L. (Brooklyn, NY)
Just wanted to say thank you can't believe my second appeal came back in my favor. Thanks again. - Patrick V. (Seaford, NY)
A big thanks!!! You've done a professional job and will recommend to friends! - Edenia G. (North Bergen, NJ)
Thank you, thank you! My refund just appeared this morning in my credit card account. You are true to your word. - Alan Z. (Secaucus, NJ)
I received a NOT GUILTY letter today. It is great!!! Thank you for your help. Next step is to get refund on towing fee! - Yuki Y. (New Milford, NJ)
I would like to commend you on what you do here at - Gregory B. (Owings Mills, MD)
I would recommend - Jenna L.
I have received a response of not guilty on the ticket. Thank you for your help. - John T. (Ossining, NY)
I love using and will continue to be a loyal customer. - Helen D. (Plainview, NY)
I appreciate your expertise and assistance. I would definitely recommend your service! - John S. (Wantagh, NY)
I would recommend because I have saved so much money on parking tickets in Manhattan. - Emily A. (Hoboken, NJ)
I would strongly recommend (the service) to my co-workers and every one else. I have had two parking tickets dismissed, and it saved me time and money, the result is extremely fast. - Susan Y. (Great Neck, NY)
My ticket was dismissed, and it saved me a ton of money and aggravation. I hope I don't get anymore tickets, but I know now if I do has got my back. - Kevin M. (Brooklyn, NY)
Though my ticket was not dismissed I would recommend others because you are an honest business. You do stand by your guarantee and I'm so happy that you worked so diligently with me. =- Martine J. (New York, NY)
I have had tickets dismissed easily and quickly. (Easy, Fast Confident =- Kenny R. (Maspeth, NY)
I would recommend because they helped save my company money. =- Room & Board (Moonachie, NJ)
I've been a long time customer and have been recommending the website to all my colleagues/associates who work/live in New York City. I continue to "singh" praises of =- M. Singh (Carteret, NJ)
First, you guys are awesome! I received my Not Guilty notice / citation dismissal this morning. A beacon of hope and justice, is the real deal in providing pristine service with a welcoming smile. Got a ticket? Look no further. Case dismissed. =- Philip S. (Millbrae, CA)
Thank you. Even though I didn't beat the ticket with your company, I will definitely use you in the future. Your customer service is truly remarkable and I will recommend you to all my friends. =- Mourad S. (Brooklyn, NY)
I would recommend because they are competent, quick responding and it's like having an attorney at a fraction of the cost! =- Ralph J. (Paterson, NJ)
You are truly the best, you care, and I have confidence working with you. I will tell everyone about =- Jean C. (Winsor, NC)
I would recommend because of the great customer service. =- Zhongyong Z. (Arlington, VA)
I think is a great way for everyone to have access to parking ticket help in NYC. Your service is greatly appreciated. =- Kevin L. (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)
You have been a big help. You are a great service to all who can benefit from it and I hope you expand into other counties! =- Darlene W. (Nassau County, NY)
I have had a couple of tickets dismissed, for reasons that would otherwise escaped me had it not been for =- T.S. (New York, NY)
I was very pleased using your service. I had no time to go to The Motor Vehicle bureau to fight the 2 tickets that I believed I unjustly recieved. I then saw your service advertised on the computer. I knew I had to split the cost of what the ticket was if you appealed it for me and won. It was still better than having to pay the entire cost. You kept up correspondence with me in a very professional way until a decision was made on the tickets. It was worth just paying half the cost and not having to take time off from work or standing on a long line at The Motor Vehicle Bureau. Thanks again for helping me out. =- Rhonda K. (Brooklyn, NY)
My ticket was dismissed , helped me not be taken advantage of by being wrongly accused. I saved money, time and aggravation! =- Rene F. (New Haven, CT)
With the help of, I have been successful in disputing many tickets, some of which were completely dismissed. =- Ramon O. (New York, NY)
My ticket was dismissed and I was amazed at the wonderful job. =- Galina K. (Brooklyn, NY)
You guys are great. I have been unsuccessful in fighting parking tickets in the past, but the two I sent to you were both dismissed. I am a convert. =- A. Landman (Brooklyn, NY)
My ticket was dismissed and the towing fee was reimbursed!! Who ever said you can't fight the system and win. =- Elvis C. (Belleville, NJ)
Wow, you made a believer out of me for sure, you delivered what you promised, where have you been my whole life, you absolutely are providing a valuable service to the motoring public, thank you so much. =- Joe S. (Deer Park, NY) is amazing! By doing a little surfing on the net and some knowledge regarding this amazing website, I was able to get my parking ticket dismissed. Here is my story:

I received a parking ticket for $115 and I was very upset. $115 is a lot of money to pay, especially when you are not at fault. I read all of the testimonials on the website and said to myself, WOW, this sounds wonderful. The thing that was most impressive was that their service is 100% money back guaranteed once you follow their steps. So I said, what do I have to lose? That's when I decided to have fight my ticket.

I started the process immediately and the next day I was sent the dismissal letter. I followed every step. After a couple of weeks, I received a letter from the traffic and violation bureau indicating that I was guilty. It made me nervous. I emailed soon after, and again, they calmed me down by saying not to worry. They then sent me an appeal letter. At that point, I started to become very impatient. Honestly, it took me a while to send back the appeal letter.

At one point I had decided to forget about it, because I had so many questions for them. I was bombarding with so many questions, and they responded very promptly. It was unbelievable. I finally sent in the appeal letter. Before you knew it I received a letter saying that my ticket was dismissed during the appeal. That was one of the happiest days of my life.

One thing I learned from this is TO BE PATIENT! I mentioned earlier that I was about to give up, but something keep on telling me, not to. Trust me, it is a long process, but it pays off in the long run. So, whatever tells you to do, adhere to their direction. has an awesome staff. They are very helpful. No matter how many questions you ask them, they will respond to each one. When you think that your question is stupid, they let you know that you have the right to ask. They make you feel very comfortable.

I would use ANY DAY.

Thank you You guys are the best! =- Natasha W. (Hempstead, NY)
My ticket was dismissed, which of course was a wonderful outcome, as was the professional assistance that was made available throughout the process. Not good, but great! =- Leslie E. (Belle Harbor, NY)
My ticket was dismissed!!!! Thank you so much!!!! You guys are awesome! I think you guys are great! =- Silvia C. (Washington DC)
My ticket was dismissed, and gets all the credit. The service is very valuable. I followed their step by step directions through each phase of the appeals process. It took some patience dealing with the Parking Violations Office, but the process was very straightforward. I was so thrilled when I eventually received the dismissal. =- Jason S. (Bronxville, NY) provided me with all the documents and instructions on what to do, it was easy and fast and my ticket was dismissed, is #1. =- Gene D. (Brooklyn, NY)
My ticket was dismissed, thanks to the fast and professional services that offered. The simple to use instructions provided made it even easier to submit. =- Rich C. (Tannersville PA)
Thank you for your efforts. I felt hopeful and even somewhat protected. That makes you heroes. =- Jane M. (Provincetown MA)
My ticket was a result of the awesome work of I was ticketed unfairly, and was able to have my ticket successfully dismissed. I recommend them wholeheartedly! =- Rob T. (Suffern, NY) got 2 out of 3 tickets dismissed for me and the one that wasn't I was refunded. They stand behind their claim. They take half the ticket amount as their fee and guarantee to have the ticket dismissed or reduced or your money back. If the ticket isn't dismissed, they pay. They are a very good service. Don't be skeptical, please give them a try - you'll be pleased. I was... =- Frank M. (Jackson Heights, NY)
Parking was responsive to my inquiries to the help desk and walked me through the whole dismissal process. I sought help after trying to respond to the ticket on my own. The Help Desk patiently answered my questions and quickly responded to each e-mail that I sent. =- Perry H. (Lynnfield, MA)
I really appreciate your help and support. Whether I have to pay the city for this ticket or not, I will continue to use your service (and recommend it as well). You have made me feel that at least I have a fighting chance. =- Vince P. (Lodi, NJ)
I reside in an out-of-network state. Your customer service, though, is impressive ... and I would surely recommend you to friends in your area. - Candace S. (Scottsdale, AZ)
Your service is a Gift from G-D. These days getting a ticket is like hell. You have all these threats against you if the payment is not paid on time especially when your trying to help the community. We help the community in Brooklyn free of charge we dont take insurance or fee's to use our service, and sometime to load a patient on to the van you have to double park or even park by a hydrant. So we give to the community and the city takes away from us. But then G-D sent us - Meir G. (Brooklyn, NY)
I would recommend - Hung C. (Jericho, NY)
I would recommend - Alex A. (Bronx, NY)

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