How Our Process Works helps get your ticket dismissed through a simple and proven process. Just create a secure personalized account and you are ready to begin.
You will proceed through a series of screens which will ask you to enter some important details about your ticket, vehicle and the specifics of the situation.

Parking Tickets

    1. Simply enter information from your ticket and information about your vehicle. The program will go to work for you and seek to identify potential grounds to request a dismissal of your ticket. This document, published by us, for you, is referred to as the Dismissal Request Letter.

    2. When it is ready will email you to let you know it is available for download. Please log in to your secure account and view, print and review the documents including instructions on how to file your request for dismissal.

    3. Depending on your city you can fight your ticket on-line or mail it in to the city for a hearing by mail. In most cases, live face to face court hearings are not required. Where a municipality does not allow for on-line hearings or hearings by mail we recommend that you seek legal counsel.

    4. is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. Part of our standard service for our clients is to provide a free legal consultation with a well-known law firm that specializes in handling tickets in the court where your ticket will be heard and has experience in handling similar matters.

    5. As the standard city on-line hearing process or hearing by mail process works, you will receive either an e-mail from the municipality on their initial hearing decision, made at an administrative hearing, by a hearing examiner, or a letter in the mail containing their initial decision. So, be sure to include all your evidence, photographs, copies of muni meter receipts and vehicle registration certificates in your filing, whenever possible. The rule of thumb is that the more evidence you have of your argument the better off you are.

    6. If the initial decision is not favorable you have the right to FILE a timely appeal plea.

    7. In certain cities, like NYC, the timely filing of an appeal suspends the city’s ability to collect the amount of the fine upheld on the initial hearing. And, a timely appeal gives you a second chance to have your case reviewed for an error of fact or error of law. In other cities, payment of the initial finding of guilt requires payment of the fine and in others, like the District of Columbia a small filing fee is required for the processing of an Appeal.

Traffic Tickets

    1. We review your ticket and advise you if there are any points associated with the ticket.

    2. Unless you prefer to just pay the ticket, you will receive a 100% FREE consultation with a qualified attorney who is highly familiar with the court in the jurisdiction where your ticket was issued.

    3. If you desire to engage the attorney, he/she will represent you directly. We are not attorneys and at no time are we able to represent you.

    4. If you choose to simply pay the ticket, we will make the payment on your behalf and keep copies of your payment for recordkeeping purposes. If the court requires YOU to make the payment directly, we will provide you with the specific instructions provided to us by the court to ensure that a timely and proper payment is made.

Remember, we guarantee our service so you can truly be Worry-Free.

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