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Parking Ticket Amnesty Alert™ Service

With so many cities nationwide facing large budget deficits and needing to raise substantial amounts of money immediately, many cities including New York City are considering implementing Parking Ticket Amnesty programs. These programs represent a rare opportunity for people to realize significant savings on the cost of their outstanding parking tickets.

Unfortunately, many people end up missing out on these golden opportunities because they last only a very short period of time. With our Amnesty Alert™ service, we will ensure you are notified in the event of such an opportunity in your city so that you are prepared to take immediate action.

What is Parking Ticket Amnesty?

In a typical Parking Ticket Amnesty Program, parking ticket penalties are waived as an incentive for motorists to clear up their old tickets. While the amount of savings at stake can be enormous, people often miss out.

In a nutshell, Amnesty is a golden opportunity to save money. It is rarely offered and lasts for just a very short period.

What cities have offered Parking Ticket Amnesty?

Parking Ticket Amnesty programs have been successfully run in Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Galveston, TX; Syracuse, NY; Albany, NY and more - and other cities are planning similar programs.

How does the Amnesty Alert™ service work?

We monitor all major Cities for the latest information regarding implementation of Amnesty programs. Please see the full list of cities covered on our signup page. With our resources in every City we will notify you timely via email and provide you with the Official Instructions and requisite forms quickly. You'll have every opportunity to save big money.

How much can I save through Amnesty?

The table below shows potential savings for a typical New York City parking ticket.
Original Fine Penalties Interest Total Due Total Due
Under Amnesty
Amnesty Savings
$115.00 $60.00 $5.00 $180.00 $115.00 $65.00

Can I qualify for Amnesty on tickets I have already paid?

The final Parking Ticket Amnesty program details would specify which tickets, under what circumstances would be available for Amnesty.

Most of my tickets are very old so I do not have the actual tickets anymore. Do I need them?

If the newest Amnesty plans are like the previous one(s), it will not be necessary to have the actual parking tickets on hand to participate in the Parking Ticket Amnesty Program.

Should I pay my tickets now or wait until the Amnesty program becomes available?

We would urge everyone to satisfy any parking ticket judgments they have as promptly as possible. Unfortunately this can't always be done, with the economy in a downturn and people losing their jobs left and right. You need to decide what is best for you. Please feel free to contact us with your specific situation so we can better assist.

Once the Amnesty program becomes available, will all the interest and penalties be waived?

Parking ticket Amnesty is usually complete amnesty, meaning that you only have to pay the original amount of the ticket whether or not a Collection Agency is involved. That is generally the way it works - though there might be some restrictions.

How much work is involved for me once I sign up?

Just a one-time sign up will give you timely notice on the availability of Amnesty in your city, for an entire year. One signup does it all!

How do I sign up?

To sign up today, please click here.

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